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Legal Advocate

We offer legal consultation in the areas of: discrimination, employment, sexual harassment, immigration, poverty, and housing.

LGBQ/T+ Resources

We offer support and resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Gender Non-Conforming (LGBTQ+) youth, adults, and service providers.

Helping Hands

Advocates work alongside individuals and families impacted by violence (intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and/or sexual violence) to provide education and resources available to them.

Employment & Education

Through our program, our Career and Education Specialists will assist you with resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques, and finding the job that best suits your individual skill set; additional support provided to individuals with negative marks on their CORI's.

 We also offer assistance with applying for higher education, completing the FAFSA, essay writing, and applying for scholarships.

Youth Leadership & Empowerment

The Youth Empowerment and Leadership program, offers mentoring through the following initiatives:

Be-You-Tiful: Self-Esteem Enrichment

Real Talk!/ Off the Record: Judgment Free Zone; Youth led discussion group

See Something, Say Something: Anti-Bullying

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